It became known what was the agricultural calendar of the Aztecs

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 Aztec agricultural calendar revealed

The Aztecs used the features of the landscape as an agricultural calendar to plan the sowing of crops.

Archaeologists led by Exequiel Ezcurra, an ecologist from the University of California at Riverside, came to this conclusion.< br />
According to a new study, the Aztecs used Mount Tlaloc as their calendar. They believed that this place was inhabited by the god of rain, to whom they made sacrifices.

According to scientists, the road may be deliberately misaligned so that the sun sets between the walls bordering it. way, falls on February 23 or 24. These dates coincide with the beginning of the Mexican solar year. Thanks to a peculiar calendar, the Aztecs knew when the sun would rise and set.

“These results confirm that even without the astronomical instruments that the Europeans used when they arrived, people in the Basin of Mexico could maintain an extremely accurate calendar. , allowing you to correct for a leap year simply by using systematic observations of sunrise”, — scientists noted.

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