It became known, what can be dangerous wet wipes

Стало известно, чем могут быть опасны влажные салфетки

Issues of personal hygiene is particularly relevant if we are not at home.

Often help wet wipes, reported the with reference to

But how are they safe and effective?

Wet wipes make life easier, but experts from the UK began to unflattering comments about the personal hygiene.

In production of such wipes are often used toxic substances. The presence of, for example, metilhlorizotiazolinon can badly affect the skin and cause rashes.

Often in the napkins, and even children, there are preservatives and fragrances. They are not the best way affect the skin, especially the nursery.

Napkins can become carriers of the bacteria. In a situation when you accidentally “planted” the stain on the clothing, most likely from the course is wet napkin. A first it removes the stain, then wipe their hands. Experts urge in this case to wash their hands with soap and water, and not hope that the wipe will completely destroy the microbes.

If you have to pay attention to the composition, can be detected: in the wet wipes contain plastic fibers. That is, the means of hygiene is not biodegradable and harms the environment. For example, animals in large bodies of water, swallowing a cloth, can die.

Doctors have suggested how to distinguish allergies from a cold

Experts also remind: wet wipes should be discarded in the trash, not the toilet, to avoid trouble with the sewer.

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