It became known the name of the film about Vasyl Stus

Стало известно название фильма про Василия Стуса

The creators of the film about Basil stone issued final approved name of the work.

As reported by the state on his page on Facebook, the film will be released under the title “Forbidden”.

The decision to refuse on behalf of the poet in the film’s title was taken due to the fact that the creative team is considering cinema not only as a biography of a particular person, but also as a way of time and the personification of the struggle against the regime.

“Our film will reveal on the big screen the topic of Ukrainian dissidence. I hope that our colleagues will take more than one film about these people, because we know their fate so little,” said the film’s Director, Roman Brovko.

The film tells about the last years of the life of Vasyl Stus, its combat system and the attempts to publish his last collection of poems, which he tried to transfer from prison to freedom. A significant part of the story takes place in prison, when the poet arrives agentka the KGB tried to pressure him by force, and psychologically, long conversations in which she is the master.

Starring in the film are played Dmitry Yaroshenko, Oleg Maslennikov, Eugene Gladius, Vitaly Salii.

In the film “the Forbidden” will be released in the fall of 2019. Now the picture is under postproduction, negotiations are continuing on the release date.

Earlier it was reported that the son of a Ukrainian poet and dissident Vasyl Stus – Dmytro Stus said that the authors of the film about his father broke all prior arrangement, so he did not intend to cooperate with them in the future. The scandal was related to the fact that the Directors of the film decided to cut from the tape episode with the trial of Vasily Stus. After a stormy public reaction the filmmakers announced that still wraps the stage of the court with the assistance of a lawyer.

In turn, Viktor Medvedchuk, who in 1980 was appointed advocate Vasyl Stus, at the trial stated that the story of the film is about stone is a provocation of the Americans.

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