It became known, on how many corrupt officials joined the Ukrainian Treasury: “it is not enough for a new car”

Стало известно, на сколько коррупционеры пополнили украинскую казну: "не хватит на новое авто"

In Ukraine, the court ordered the corrupt officials to put in the budget an unprecedented amount of the defendants was confiscated to the state Treasury…140 000 UAH

For 2018 the Ukrainian Themis has been able to collect from the citizens implicated in corruption in the amount of $ 140, 6 thousand hryvnia, at the exchange rate of the National Bank at the end of the year is $ 5,000.

Стало известно, на сколько коррупционеры пополнили украинскую казну: "не хватит на новое авто"This information was passed to the Ukrainian media, the head of the expert organization StateWatch Gleb Kanevsky, citing a letter to the government Treasury services.

140 000 UAH were received for the budget line, which includes both directly confiscated funds and the proceeds from the sale of property confiscated by the court for committing of corruption.

In plans of the Ukrainian government were different amounts. So the government expects to replenish the state Treasury by 4.7 billion UAH that is by the confiscation of corrupt officials.

These funds in the past year had to be spent for decentralization, road maintenance and the creation of a unified system of aviation security.

“This article of the confiscation of property from corrupt officials in 2015 separately made in the budget, so they can monitor the effectiveness of the refund Yanukovych,” – says Kanevsky.

Стало известно, на сколько коррупционеры пополнили украинскую казну: "не хватит на новое авто"

“The budget for 2019 in this article disappeared. This is done deliberately in order before the election it was impossible to count how many actually took the former President”, – he said.

However, for other crimes not related to corruption, for the year confiscated more than 78 million hryvnia.

In particular, from the sale of confiscated property according to the materials of the customs authority received 13 million hryvnia from the sale of confiscated property by all law enforcement agencies – 3.8 million UAH.

National and foreign currency according to the materials of customs authorities confiscated nearly 37.6 million UAH, and on materials of law enforcement bodies – 23.6 million hryvnia.

Previously, we reported that comic Studio “Quarter-95” has presented a brand new teaser of the series “servant of the people-2”, in which its leader Vladimir Zelensky in the role of the President of Ukraine presented the so-called effective way of combating corruption in the country.

In the video, the comedians showed MPs who amputated hands.

The video, posted on the official page of “Kvartal 95” in Facebook, has caused a mixed reaction. Some have called that kind of humor is too hard though and need to shake up, someone thought this method is only possible in the fight against corruption in Ukraine.

Recall that in the Parliament produced an important “Church law”.

As reported Politeka, Sergei Shakhov called on the Parliament to rescue the Ukrainian sports.

Also Politeka wrote that the MP’s son caught drunk driving: “I put on re the restaurant.”

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