It became known as Russia stole gas in Crimea

Стало известно, сколько Россия украла газа в Крыму

According to estimates, “daughter of” Naftogaz, the Russian Federation illegally produced in occupied Crimea, more than 9 billion cubic meters of gas.

Russia uses illegally captured in the Crimea of the Ukrainian subsoil, and extracted already 9.2 billion cubic meters of gas. About it reports a press-service NAK Naftogaz of Ukraine with reference to the General Director of the company Svetlana Nezhnova, reports the online edition of the with reference to

“Russia still produces gas. And today Russia is illegitimate from all fields belonging to Ukraine, has produced 9.2 billion cubic meters”, — she said.

According to Naftogaz, Russia in 2014, captured the nine fields of the company located in the Crimea. The extracted volume, according to the company, would be enough for a year of the entire industry of Ukraine.

“We have lost rigs, pipelines, private fleet and administration buildings. Losses estimated at $5 billion. Therefore, Naftogaz filed a claim against Russia for damages to the arbitration Tribunal in the Hague in accordance with the agreement on mutual protection of investments between Ukraine and Russia”, — said the NAC.

Ukraine has increased the wholesale price of LPG

In Naftogaz recalled that in March 2019 the Tribunal declared Russia responsible for the illegal seizure of company assets in the occupied Peninsula. Russia’s decision not to recognize.

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