It became known as rejuvenate the décolleté and neck

Стало известно, как омолодить зону декольте и шею

Very often women taking care of the person, forget the neck and décolleté.

And it is this area gives age faster than the face. Even with a youthful face, neck can fail. If you do not pay due attention to this area, the skin becomes wrinkled and withered. Because the neck skin is much drier than on the face and decollete is very thin and sensitive. In order to retain a youthful appearance, we need to focus on a thorough comprehensive care, reports the with reference on Voice.

To achieve good results and at home. The main thing is stability: care for skin regularly.

Causes of wrinkles on the neck and upper chest, and rapid aging are: increased mobility of the neck, lack of hydration, poor circulation and weak body fat in this zone. Jump weight also affect the skin condition.

To the neck and neckline was beautiful, the, beauty treatments, gym and massages. The basic rule — the correct posture, it ensures normal flow of biological processes and allows the skin to maintain an aesthetic appearance.

With age on the neck appear horizontal folds, caused by the decrepitude of the muscles and some masks then it does not help. Need to do special exercises to strengthen the muscles and tighten the skin.

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Standing, tilt your head forward and do 10 smooth turns his head left and right.

Pulling the chin forward, hold for 10 seconds, then relax. Uprajnenie repeat 20 times.

Taking into the teeth of the wand, “write” a few lines of the poem in the air.

The secret of youthful skin — drinking regime. Water provides moisture and has a positive effect on the entire body. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids during the day.

How to keep skin youth neck and decollete

This area is constantly in need of hydration and toning. In the morning rinse the neck and chest with cool water. Then wipe the skin with a cosmetic oil or milk. Then wipe the lotion or tonic.

Twice a week skrabirovanie the area with mild peels or scrubs. They gently remove dead skin cells and improve circulation.

Morning and evening, apply on skin moisturizer. In the morning it is best to apply cream with SPF 30 and above. This cream must be the vitamins A and E, silicon and vegetable oil. For evening hydration suitable nutritional gels and emulsions. The cream is applied on the neck in upward circular motions.

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Be sure to use masks. You can use facial products, but the best fit is special for the neck and décolleté. Ready-made masks easier, homemade no less effective, besides, much cheaper.

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