It attacks not only cancer cells: scientists have created a unique virus

Атакует не только раковые клетки: ученые создали уникальный вирус

Scientists have created a unique virus that can beat cancer

Cell carcinoma, one of the most popular, powerful and deadly kinds of cancer cells differ from other types in that they are forced to work for their benefit located nearby healthy cells. These adjacent cells are called cancerous fibroblasts protect cancer cells, making them invisible to the immune system that allows malignant cells to do their evil work more efficiently.

Recently, scientists finished the development of a special virus designed to carry out attacks aimed at malignant cells, and the cells of their immediate environment. This virus is the first virus developed for cancer, but he is the first one that has similar “dual purpose”.

Атакует не только раковые клетки: ученые создали уникальный вирус

The basis for creating new virus was the virus developed earlier and already passed through phase I clinical trials.

The first virus, dubbed enadenotucirev, was established for conducting attacks exclusively on malignant cells. The use of this virus, focused on the fight against cancer, was to stimulate the body’s immune system, which increases the effectiveness of treatment in General.

Атакует не только раковые клетки: ученые создали уникальный вирус

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Scientists from Oxford University decided to expand the capacity of the virus enadenotucirev by making some changes in the code of the virus, giving him additional opportunities. These changes include genetic instructions, causing the attacked by virus cancer cell to develop a special type of protein.

Moreover, the protein produced by the cells is concentrated in the areas where the cancer cell is associated with healthy cells-helpers, fibroblasts, which in turn are attracted to these places cells of the immune system that starts to attack not only the cancer cell, but also its “posobniki” environment.

Атакует не только раковые клетки: ученые создали уникальный вирус

This is the first case in the history of medicine, when scientists were able to draw the attention of the immune system not only in cancer cells and associated fibroblasts. Of course, that while this technology was tested in laboratory conditions in experimental rodents and on samples taken from people of the cancerous tissue. And to find values of many unknown, which one way or another, will arise when trying to use the upgraded virus in the human body, scientists may need quite a long time.

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