'It all depends on me': Mikolenko on his move to Everton


Former Dynamo Kyiv defender Vitaliy Mikolenko commented on his move to Everton.

He gave an interview to The Telegraph before the Norwich match – Everton, which ended on the evening of January 15, with a score of 2-1.

“The issue of my transfer was resolved in just a few days. This transfer was a complete surprise for me. I must admit that no one expected this, including my family members. For a while my parents refused to believe at all that this was actually happening — how unprepared we all were for this good news. And now both I and my relatives seem to live in a dream, & ndash; said the player.

According to Mikolenko, he has been given a chance to gain a foothold in the first team as a left-back.

“Now” Everton ” left with one left back. This is – a huge responsibility for me. It all depends on me, my game and my stamina. On the other hand, this is a great opportunity to show that I deserve to play at Everton. I am fully focused on showing the maximum of my potential”, & ndash; he emphasized.

It is worth noting that Mikolenko showed himself perfectly in the game with Norwich, running from edge to edge for all 100 minutes of the match, taking into account extra time. He even gave a pre-goal pass.

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