Israel's real problem is the growing number of uneducated ultra-Orthodox

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 Israel's real problem — rising number of uneducated ultra-Orthodox

Professor Danny Ben David is concerned.According to his research, the population that needs to be given special attention in the upcoming Knesset, — it is an ultra-Orthodox population.

“It will be impossible to support the economy if we continue to ignore the level of education in the ultra-Orthodox sector. Children who are not educated will not be able to contribute to the productivity of the country. A small handful will be forced to finance health care, social security and the military system. If this happens in Israel, there will be no State of Israel,” — he warns.

Judging by the results of the elections, one of the most right-wing and religious governments will be established in Israel. The success of the ultra-Orthodox parties and, in particular, the Religious Zionist Party can be seen as a natural course of history. However, according to a study that looked at demographic trends in Israel, this could lead to Israel becoming one of the most populous and poorest countries in the world in a few decades, with an uncertain future.

“Israel is rapidly approaching the demographic-democratic point of no return. It will be impossible to keep the economy. This situation will explode,” — warns Professor Dani Ben David, President of the Ruth Institute for Social and Economic Research and Economist in the Department of Public Policy at Tel Aviv University.

According to Professor Ben David, there are three main groups that suffer from country level education third world.

"More than a fifth of Israeli students — Arabs, and their level of knowledge in specialized areas is even lower than in many third world countries. if at all they are allowed to study. In addition, there are students living on the social periphery or geographical periphery who also receive education at the level of the third world countries,” says Ben David.

“This is a challenge for the continued existence of the state . Together, the above three groups make up about half of Israeli children — and they belong to the fastest growing part of the country's population”, — he clarifies.

But while Israeli Arab birth rates are declining, Jewish birth rates are rising.

“The real demographic problem that Israel has to deal with today is — this is a significant increase in the uneducated ultra-Orthodox population,” — says Professor Ben David.

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