Israel's New Approach to COVID Vaccines: Not All Doctors Agree

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Vaccinations against COVID-19 should become an annual procedure if the level of infection with coronavirus reaches a low level.

According to the Vaccine Commission under the Ministry of Health,

Booster doses are currently recommended for adults. They will be administered as long as the global rate of the virus remains high.

According to Ben Gurion University epidemiologist Professor Nadav Davidovich, if the annual vaccination recommendation is adopted, the preventive measures will be similar to those that are accepted in relation to the flu. That is, the entire population, especially the elderly and those at risk, will be advised to get vaccinated every fall.

to the new normal”, — Davidovich believes.

However, not all doctors agree with this position. The head of the National Board of Public Health, Prof. Amnon Lahad, said the recommendation was unnecessary and a waste of public resources.

“I think it's the wrong decision and most people don't need it. For older people who have other diseases, it makes sense to get vaccinated annually, but perhaps for 90% of the population this is not necessary, and also, it is extremely expensive,” he noted.

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