Israelis were not allowed into Jordan: what is known

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 Israelis were not allowed into Jordan: what is known

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About forty insurance agents from Israel planned a short two-day vacation in Jordan.

At the border, Jordanian inspectors were checking their bags. According to “Haruts Sheva”, during the check, tefillins were found in the bags of 7 people. The inspectors told the Israelis that they were not allowed to enter Jordan.

The Israelis were told that this was a procedure designed to ensure the safety of tourists.

One of the travelers spoke about the situation in an interview with a correspondent &quot Yisrael Hayom: “As soon as they checked the bags, they began to take out tefillin from the bags and at the same time asked for our passports. They took us to a room and there they explained to us that religious symbols are not allowed. Although we said that we wear tefillin in the rooms and that there are no religious symbols that we walk around with. We stayed there one and a half, without receiving answers, we returned to Israel.

The Foreign Ministry website says that the Jordanian authorities say that for security reasons they are asking Israeli believers not to display religious symbols. It is noted that it often happened that Israelis were not allowed through because of a tallit or tefillin, they were asked to return to Israel or pass to Jordan, leaving items at the border.

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