Israelis warned of risk of attack while traveling abroad

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 Israelis warned of risk of attack while traveling abroad

On Monday, the counter-terrorism department of the Prime Minister's Office issued a travel warning for upcoming Jewish holidays to warn Israelis of potential terrorist attacks against them from Iran or ISIS.

In recent years, the unit has frequently warned of potential dangers from the Islamic Republic and jihadist groups, but this time it specifically mentioned specific recent attempts by Iran to kill Israelis visiting Turkey.

In this case, the Mossad intervened directly and is said to have saved some Israelis just minutes before they would have been shot by one of Iran's many terrorist cells.

In the future, Iran will continue to strike Israeli targets around the world, both in Iran's neighbors and in Europe.”

The unit warned that these groups have their strongest capabilities in the Sinai Peninsula, the Middle East in Africa and Asia generally, with a lower level of presence in other parts of the world.

In particular, the unit noted that the leaders of these terrorist groups insisted that their followers target Israelis and Jews as main goals.

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