Israelis to march in defense of wild animals

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 Israelis to March for Wild Animals

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Israelis will stage a march in defense of wild animals after a famous hyena named Ruti, who lived on the outskirts of the city of Modiin and was adored by the locals, was hit by a car.

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“Come en masse to pay tribute to Ruthie and demand that the authorities establish safe crossings for wild animals!”, — the organizers of the march wrote.

The Nature and Parks Authority called on Israelis to join the march in memory of the hyena and to prevent further raids on the animals.

“Every year, thousands of animals roam freely within their limited living spaces, they crush to death. Recently, Ruthie, the beloved hyena from Modiin, was moved”, — said in a statement.

The FDA added that they are supporting the Wildlife Crossings Association, which is working to create special crossings, especially on Route 443, one of the deadliest.
< br /> The march will take place on Saturday at 18:30 in Modiin.

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