Israelis sweep antigen tests at pharmacies

Israelis sweep antigen tests in pharmacies

Israeli media report that today, January 5, a decision will be made on a new testing policy.

& ldquo; Risk Groups & rdquo; – people over the age of 60 and chronic patients will do PCR tests, everyone else will rely on antigen tests.

The “ attack '' is also reported. consumers at pharmacies and buying up antigen tests. As a result, there was a shortage of antigen tests in retail chains. In this regard, the Ministry of Health announced a tender for the purchase of 80 million kits for antigen tests for a total of half a billion shekels.

The cost of tests for retail chains has recently dropped sharply and is 7-10 shekels per test … The same cannot be said about prices for consumers – in the Suprepharm chains. and & quot; B & quot; the cost is 55 shekels. The cost of tests, however, drops significantly with the purchase of a set of five tests and then amounts to 18-20 shekels per test.

Good Pharm Network; sold kits of five tests for 40 shekels. Adam Friedler, owner of the network, says, “It's crazy what happened in the last 72 hours, we've sold hundreds of thousands of tests.” In recent days, the chain has sold 1,700,000 tests.

Retail chains have raised prices for tests by 105% in recent days due to the expected rise in prices for raw materials produced in China.

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