Israelis stuck in Peru over protests

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 Israelis stuck in Peru because of protests

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Some Israelis who came to Peru are stuck in the country and unable to leave the country due to ongoing protests and demonstrations.

Jerusalem Post reports.

“There are no regular flights due to an attempt to seize the airport,” said Rabbi Ofer Karipour, who lived in the Chabad house in Cusco for 16 years, in an interview.

Tourist Yael Haddad said: ” We stopped in Cusco and went on a three day trip to the Machu Picchu area. At some point, the guide told us that instead of driving for half an hour to get to the restaurant where we were supposed to have lunch, we had to walk for two and a half hours.

The girl noted, there are no cars, no buses, no trains, no planes.

Demonstrations in Peru have been going on since the arrest of Pedro Castillo, the impeached president. Castillo was arrested and this resulted in thousands of his supporters taking to the streets. Protesters blocked key roads and forced the closure of five airports in Peru.

President Dina Boluarte, who replaced Castillo.

Both policemen and civilians were injured during the protests. Peru travel warning.

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