Israelis Massively Cancel Netflix Subscriptions Over Controversial Farha

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 Israelis massively cancel Netflix subscription due to controversial film “Farha”

Subscribers will be able to watch Jordanian director Doreen J. Salam's controversial film that focuses on Nakba. In particular, there is a shocking scene in the film where Israeli soldiers massacre a Palestinian refugee family, including a one-year-old child.

“I decided to cancel my two-year subscription due to Netflix's support of an anti-Israeli film”, &mdash ; said one of the users of the service.

“I can't be a client of a platform that shows a shocking scene in which Israeli soldiers look like vile killers without a heart and any humanity”, — Tal Oknin testified.

“Let those who identify with Palestinian history know that they lose us as customers “, — according to Asher.

Model Natalie Dadon has also decided to cancel her Netflix subscription. “Reason for cancellation – value over luxury! “, — she wrote on Instagram.
“There is a desire to contribute to the hatred of the Jewish people in this shocking film, and this time in front of 222 million subscribers!”, – model was outraged. “We are strong and the time has come to unite with Israel”.

The Al-Saray Theater in Jaffa was criticized for screening the film on Wednesday night, with Israeli Culture and Sports Minister Healy Tropper calling the decision to screen the film “outrageous and disgraceful” and Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman calling for the theatre's funding to be suspended. Demonstrations took place outside the hall on both sides. A pro-Israel group is outraged that a state-funded cinema is showing a film that critics say is anti-Israeli propaganda. The other side called for discussion, arguing that the film shows historical facts that should be acknowledged.

As a reminder, the long-awaited sequel to the Israeli series Fauda will also be released on the Netflix streaming service.

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