Israelis flew from Dubai with 4 kilograms of gold

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 Israelis flew in from Dubai with 4 kilograms of gold

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Irga Dabab, Bayna Dabab and Samara Barha, three family members who landed at Ben Gurion Airport on a flight from Dubai, are suspected of trying to smuggle gold and silver jewelry. All three were brought before a judge and released under restrictive conditions.

According to a petition filed with the Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court by the Narcotics Department of Ben Gurion Airport Customs, the three went through " green route”, where they were stopped and sent for individual inspection. During an individual search, about 4 kg of gold and silver jewelry worth more than 500,000 shekels were found in their belongings. The suspects were interrogated on suspicion that they hid the jewelry to avoid paying the tax that arises when they are imported into Israel.

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