Israelis appointed as vice presidents of Intel

Israelis have been appointed Vice Presidents of Intel

Intel's recent moves to strengthen its position in the chipset space include many structural changes. One of them is the appointment of about 10 Israelis to the positions of vice presidents in a global company.

The company has hundreds of vacancies to fill, mainly in the field of hardware and cloud computing.
< Intel plans to strengthen its capabilities in these areas, and it now appears that a significant portion of the workforce that will run them comes from Israel. Vice Presidents manage teams ranging from hundreds to thousands of employees. and after recent appointments, the number of Israeli vice presidents in the company has grown to 34. Intel is most likely the tech giant that employs the most Israelis in the world today. Israelis' assignments mainly relate to units dealing with manufacturing or development technologies. It remains to be seen how the recruitment of scientists will be carried out. American companies are researchers and engineers whose task is to pave the way for the company's future technologies.
Most often, they are the ones who file patents and are responsible for the most advanced developments.

This concentration of Israelis at Intel ensures that the company will continue to strengthen its operations in Israel.

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