Israeli “went” to Lebanon across the border: Bedouin returned home

The Israeli

An Israeli who entered Lebanese territory through the Rosh HaNikra checkpoint has been returned to his homeland.

This was announced IDF Spokesman Ran Kochav.

“It was an extremely delicate question,” Kochav said.

According to him, an Arab man in his 20s from A Bedouin village in the Negev moved to Lebanon in early December.

When he was stopped, he refused to say when and where he had crossed the border. The reason for this 'trip' is still being clarified. According to the IDF, he did it “ voluntarily and deliberately. '' According to preliminary data, the young guy had mental health problems. He also has a criminal record.

He was in custody in Lebanon for illegal entry into the country for several weeks. On December 30, he was sent back to Israel along with UN peacekeepers UNIFIL. He was handed over to the Shabak for interrogation.

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