Israeli weapons will change the battlefield

Israeli weapons will change the battlefield

The new weapon system, known in the company as the “ soldier's smartphone '', can be installed on any of the conventional assault rifles such as the Tavor or M-16.
Small surveillance system mounted on a weapon can locate terrorists in populated areas that are more difficult to combat.

In this case, the soldier will be able to switch between combat images, which are viewed through the camera system, directly into the viewfinder, which will be installed on the helmet. This is similar to the digital mirror helmets Elbit has already made for helicopter pilots.

A small joystick allows you to focus and switch between different functions – an automatic rangefinder relative to the target, the number of bullets remaining and much more.

A tiny armored computer inside the weapon will help the soldier, like the Weyze application, navigate along the path to the target, taking into account obstacles and dangers. The system's camera is also equipped with night vision, which is quite useful in tunnels, for example. The camera lens is adjustable so that the soldier can see the battlefield from the corner of the building, from the side, without being exposed to danger and without risking fire, so soldiers can shoot at the terrorist without being face to face. ''

The systems are linked wirelessly or Wi-Fi, thus transmitting data to create a battle scene for all forces.

The system can pinpoint the source of fire, detect sparks from enemy fire and direct forces to shootout, as well as independently record combat documentation for reconstruction. It will also allow doctors or paramedics to monitor the wounded through the system, even if they are tens or hundreds of meters from the hotbed of hostilities.

Another advantage of the new system, which the IDF and foreign armies have shown great interest in is it saves valuable time. The rifle reloads automatically and immediately by Arcas, at the push of a button. At this stage, the weapon is already being tested.

The new system will weigh about 150 grams and will be part of the rifle's complete set.

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