Israeli TikTok star arrested in France for attempted smuggling

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 Israeli TikTok star arrested in France for attempted smuggling

This week, an Israeli TikTok star was arrested in France along with three others on suspicion of trying to smuggle about 220 kg of khat leaves into the country.

Shen Elkayam, who has about 60,000 followers on the social network, was stopped at Paris Orly airport and is currently under arrest along with others while local police investigate.

Although leaves are allowed in Israel, they are considered drug and illegal.

Khat leaves contain two amphetamines, cathinone and cathin. Among the positive effects of — a feeling of mild euphoria, increased concentration, and relieved fatigue. However, they also pose several health risks, including depression, irritability, increased blood pressure and heart rate, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

There are no restrictions in Israel for the sale or distribution of khat, and it is often used by the country's Yemeni and Ethiopian communities.

In recent years, Israeli organized crime groups have paid travelers to smuggle khat leaves to European countries, where they can be sold for huge sums.< br />
A friend of one of the arrested told Channel 12: “Someone used them and seduced them into smuggling, claiming that it was not a drug and nothing would happen to them. They believed the seller, and now they are finished.”

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