Israeli technology defends Pope's Mass from drone

Israeli technology protected the Pope's Mass from a drone

Israeli technology has helped eliminate a drone that could disrupt the Pope's Mass in Slovakia.

This is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

This is an incident that took place back in September 15, but details about it have been released for publication only now.

The technology of the D-Fend company, which cooperated in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Slovakia, helped to eliminate the problem to protect the Pope and visitors to Mass from threats from unauthorized drones. At the event, the EnforceAir anti-drone defense system was deployed, which recognizes and allows authorized drones to operate in airspace, and removes intruders from the range it covers.

Initially, the police were going to turn on conventional suppressors, but abandoned this idea , since at the venue of the event this could disrupt the operation of communication systems and interrupt the broadcast of the Mass. In the end, it was decided to use Israeli technology.

“EnforceAir returned the drone to its original position, away from the crowd. Protecting such a high-profile event is of utmost importance, which is why we wanted to use anti-drone technology that is best suited for crowded events and difficult situations. EnforceAir quickly took control of the UAV, which threatened the potential safety of the Pope, the crowd and VIPs, ”the Israeli company said.

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