Israeli sues Burger King over… cheese

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 Israeli sues Burger King over... cheese

A lawsuit was filed in a Tel Aviv court against Burger King after a religious Jew ate a cheeseburger that was presented as kosher. The burger was later found to contain cow's milk cheese.

This is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

In recent months, Burger King has launched a campaign to introduce kosher substitutes: “bacon” ; turkey, vegan "cheese" Cheddar. That is, the consumer can eat a “bacon cheeseburger” and not violate the laws of kosher.

The plaintiff arrived at a Burger King restaurant where the sign “kosher” was hanging. He assumed that this meant the restaurant was kosher. After taking a bite of a burger that he thought was vegan cheese, the plaintiff was surprised by the taste and asked the employee how they managed to make it taste like regular cheese. The clerk behind the counter replied that it was, in fact, ordinary, that is, non-kosher, cheese.

“The applicant, a religious man, was shocked. It was also explained to him that the branch was once kosher but is no longer kosher,” the lawsuit says.

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