Israeli series featuring Eichmann's unique confessions comes to Amazon Video

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 Israeli TV series featuring Eichmann's unique confessions comes to Amazon Video

Americans who subscribe to Amazon Prime Video will now be able to listen to never-before-seen tapes of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann confessing to crimes. Times of Israel reports.

“Confessions of the Devil: Eichmann's Lost Recordings” is a three-part documentary series that combines interviews with Holocaust survivors, key witnesses at the Eichmann trial, historians and Holocaust experts with reenactments of historical events.

The series premiered last year in Israeli public television channel KAN, tells the story of Adolf Eichmann's role in organizing the “Final Solution” during the Holocaust.

Eichmann, who was executed by Israel in 1962, spent most of the trial claiming he was a mere bureaucrat following orders. But 28 hours of taped confessions clearly indicate that that Eichmann actually coordinated the “Final Solution” and often carried out his duties with enthusiasm.

Already in the first episode, Eichmann can be heard saying, “I didn't even care about the Jews I deported to Auschwitz. I didn't care if they were alive or already dead.

Eichmann made these confessions during an interview with Nazi journalist and propagandist Willem Sassen, when they both lived in Buenos Aires after the war in 1957.

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