Israeli security forces arrest Hamas cell

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 Israeli security forces arrested Hamas cell

The IDF and Shin Bet uncovered a series of shelling in Judea and Samaria and arrested several Palestinians belonging to a cell led by Hamas.

During one of the attacks, which took place back on September 9 , an Israeli was slightly wounded after his vehicle was shot at as he drove past the Palestinian village of Einabus, near Huwara and Shechem.

According to the Shin Bet, the cell opened fire on two Israeli vehicles, firing “The investigation is still ongoing, but from all the information we have, a Hamas military detachment led by by Hamas militants from Gaza,” the Shin Bet said.

during the operation, weapons used in the attacks were confiscated along with ammunition.

“The Shin Bet, together with the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli police, will continue to work to prevent Hamas attempts to promote terrorist activities against Israel,” it says in a Shin Bet statement.

Security forces also arrested a Palestinian teenager who shelled the Carmel settlement on 15 September. A yeshiva student was wounded in the attack.

According to Shin Bet figures, at least 23 shellings took place in the West Bank and Jerusalem in August, compared to 15 incidents in July.

Due to the increased shelling by Palestinian militants in northern Judea and Samaria, an additional battalion of Golani forces has been deployed to the area. Additional battalions will be sent to other parts of the area during the holidays to prevent attacks.

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