Israeli scientists taught goldfish to “drive a car”: video

Israeli scientists taught goldfish

Israeli scientists taught goldfish to “drive” car as part of a study that offers new insights into animals' ability to navigate.

According to The Washington Post, scientists from Ben Gurion University trained goldfish to operate a platform on wheels called the Fish Operated Vehicle. The platform is designed in such a way that it changes its course depending on the movement of the fish.

the goal, for each success, the fish received food. Scientists said that after several days of training, the fish were able to overcome obstacles such as walls, while avoiding attempts to deceive them with fake targets.

“The study hints at that navigational abilities are universal and not specific to the environment. Goldfish have the cognitive ability to solve complex problems in an environment completely different from the one in which they evolved, “said one of the study's authors, Shahar Givon.

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