Israeli scientists have invented a protective “mask out of thin air”

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 Israeli scientists have invented a protective "air mask" < /p>

Israeli scientists have invented a new way to protect yourself from viruses without using ordinary masks – the “mask out of thin air”

Researchers have created a prototype of a small device that forms an “air curtain” in front of the user. The battery-powered device is placed on a baseball cap and releases air that blows down in front of the face at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. This is reported by the Times of Israel.

Prototypes have shown that they can protect the user from viruses that can be spread by other people. The device also protects against particles that the owner of the gadget can spread. Testing was carried out using particles of different sizes that mimic the movement of viral droplets and aerosols.

About 62% of droplets and aerosols directed towards the person wearing the device were stopped. And 99% of droplets and aerosols directed from the device wearer to others were stopped.

“We tried to count how many drops still reached the face, and found that the “air curtain” provides a high degree of protection comparable to that of masks,” said Moshe Shoham, a professor at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and co-leader of the study. for several months.

“In fact, it performs two functions: firstly, it filters the air, which improves the hygiene of the person wearing the” mask “, and secondly, the screen from the air blocks droplets and aerosols that carry the virus. What we have developed will stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2, as well as help against influenza and other viruses,” Professor Shoham explained.

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