Israeli scientists have found an innovative treatment for AIDS

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 Israeli scientists have found an innovative treatment for AIDS

Israeli scientists have proposed a new and unique treatment for AIDS that can be used both as a vaccine and as a therapy that can cure patients with HIV. This was reported by the press service of Tel Aviv University. Scientists have developed a technique for genetically modifying type B white blood cells in a patient's body to produce antibodies against HIV. The results of the study were published in the prestigious journal Nature. It is clarified that there is still no medicine that would provide patients with a complete recovery. One possible way to cure AIDS with a single injection was first developed using type B white blood cells that would be genetically modified inside a patient's body to produce antibodies against the HIV virus. B cells are responsible for producing antibodies against viruses, bacteria, etc. They are formed in the bone marrow and, when mature, enter the blood and lymphatic system, and from there to various parts of the body. “In this study, we are the first to create B cells in the body and get those cells to make the right antibodies. Genetic engineering is carried out using viral carriers obtained from “sterilized” viruses that do no harm but deliver the gene coded for antibodies to B cells in the body,” said study author Dr. Adi Barzel. His team was able to precisely inject antibodies into the desired region of the B-cell genome. “All of the treated model animals responded positively, showing high levels of the desired antibodies in the blood. By isolating these antibodies, we are convinced that they are indeed effective in neutralizing the HIV virus in a laboratory environment,” said Barzel. It is clarified that the genetic editing was performed by the CRISPR method using a technology based on the bacterial antiviral immune system. Bacteria use CRISPR systems as a kind of molecular “search engine” . “We have developed an innovative treatment that can defeat the virus with a single injection, potentially leading to significant improvements in patients. When modified B cells encounter a virus, the virus stimulates their massive division – so the very cause of the disease becomes a tool to fight it. Moreover, if a virus mutates, B cells also mutate with it, which is why we have created the first ever drug that can evolve in the body and defeat viruses in this “arms race,” added Dr. Barzel.

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