Israeli scientists announced a breakthrough in the creation of a drug from COVID

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 Israeli scientists announced a breakthrough in creating a drug for COVID

Scientists from Israel announced a breakthrough in research on a drug against COVID. They claim that trials in hamsters have shown tremendous success.

The drug works by sabotaging the virus' attempts to create a favorable environment for it to thrive.

Isaiah Arkin, professor of biological chemistry, said that The approach his team is taking could be used for new variants of the coronavirus, as well as for a wide range of viruses beyond COVID-19, including influenza, West Nile virus, Zika virus, and hepatitis B.

B In an interview with The Times of Israel, he spoke about a new experiment to evaluate the potential of a new drug.

“We infected hamsters with the virus, which are very well suited for testing responses to COVID-19. We gave eight of them our oral drug and eight a placebo. Four days later we “sacrificed” animals and measured the amount of virus in their lungs. We compared the amount of virus in those who took the drug with those who took the placebo, and found that it was 93% less, which is a very impressive result and speaks of great promise. Now we are optimizing the drug and raising funds to complete preclinical studies in humans,” Arkin said.

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