Israeli professor commented on information about Putin's condition

 An Israeli professor commented on information about Putin's condition

Renowned Israeli neurologist Professor Rafi Karaso commented on the information published in the Western media about the “steroid rage” and “dementia” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Western intelligence officers notice “puffiness in the neck”, “out of touch with reality”.

Karaso said: “This may be a joke, and it could be something serious. A puffy face can also indicate that a person is a narcissist and injects himself with Botox in order to look younger. Botox can fill both the muscles of the hands and the “square abs” – the truth will require a lot of Botox. They say that maybe they give him cortisone. And cortisone is given for many diseases. There is a difference whether they give cortisone once, twice or constantly. We know that in the treatment of chronic diseases, it can cause mental anxiety, impaired attention and connection with the outside world. This can lead to completely crazy behavior. Under certain conditions, this treatment pushes towards a state of psychosis. I don’t know – maybe he is paranoid, and therefore stay at a distance of 30 meters, or he is receiving cortisone, his immune system is weakened, and therefore he is afraid of catching the corona”.
< br /> Carazo said, “Indeed, it could be some kind of health issue. Maybe there was a problem with the brain. Because such things lead to impaired reasoning ability, to behavioral problems – along with euphoria and increased self-confidence”.

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