Israeli Models Showed Their Butts To The World

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 Israeli Models Showed Their Butts to the World

Best friends – models Liran Kuhner, Der Zozovsky and fitness trainer Lika Rosenberg posted a joint video in which they dance and jump – until at some point they expose their buttocks. And although they did their best and blurred their “rear”, and in fact nothing is visible – but this did not stop the criticism on the network from erupting in full force.

Liran Kuchner, Der Zozovsky and fitness trainer Leakey The Rosenbergs often upload light, humorous, and especially photogenic collaborative videos that their followers usually enjoy. But it looks like they may have been wrong this time.

Kuchner, Zozovsky and Leakey have uploaded a video of them dancing, jumping and at some point exposing their asses. Although they shaded their buttocks and in fact nothing was visible, the act itself probably managed to draw the ire of followers – and criticism was not long in coming. “Shame on you, a little respect for your body, a little modesty won't hurt,” reads one of the comments on the video. "I would be ashamed if my daughter saw this video. Where did you get the courage to post something like this online? It's not all about likes and views,” wrote another subscriber.

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