Israeli man locked himself in house with a knife and wounded a policeman

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 An Israeli locked himself in a house with a knife and wounded a policeman

An Israeli police officer was wounded Wednesday night by an Israeli man in his 60s who had locked himself and presumably his family in the northern city of Nahaf.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the incident occurred when the police, along with a negotiating team, tried to break into the house to arrest the suspect, who had locked himself in his living room.

The police broke into the house out of fear that the man might injure himself. During the incident, one of the officers was stabbed in the chest.

According to police, the man's motive was his suspicion that his family would place him in a psychiatric hospital against his will.

The suspect was apprehended with minor injuries. He was taken to the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya for further treatment along with the injured policeman.

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