Israeli journalist visits Saudi Arabia amid 'thaw' rumors

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 Israeli journalist visits Saudi Arabia amid rumors of

As rumors of a possible breakthrough in relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia in the near future grow, an Israeli journalist recently traveled to Riyadh to find out How do the people of Saudi Arabia feel about warming relations with the Jewish State.

Traveling on a non-Israeli passport, as people with an Israeli passport are not yet officially allowed into the kingdom, Channel 13 war correspondent Alon Ben-David said he and his crew made no secret of their Israeli identity.

In a report broadcast on Monday evening, July 4, the reporter noted that obtaining a travel visa was a quick and easy process, and described going through passport control after landing as a pleasant experience.

Throughout the trip, Ben-David emphasized that there was a warm welcome at every place and most of the encounters with the locals.

While visiting the flea market, Ben-David described the locals as “very friendly,” and the store clerks said “things are going well.” But when a journalist presented himself as an Israeli, most of the locals politely turned away or simply walked away. And yet, in some cases, he was invited to a cup of coffee, although in communication there was a feeling of “some inconvenience”; because of their nationality.

Ben-David said that Israelis should not expect the same warm relations with Saudi Arabia as with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, at least not yet.
< br /> “Things will be much slower with Saudi Arabia”, — says Ben David.

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