Israeli journalist: Hamas children need to be kidnapped to free hostages

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 Israeli journalist: kidnap Hamas children to free hostages

Channel 13 Arab correspondent Zvi Yehezkeli believes that Israel should kidnap the children of Hamas officials in order to make a deal to return Israeli hostages to Israel. Gaze in an interview with 103FM on Friday.

At an event marking the 35th anniversary of the founding of Hamas, the terrorist organization unveiled a Tavor rifle that it claimed belonged to Hadar Goldin, whose body was taken hostage in 2014. Yehezkeli began the interview by discussing this step.

“This is psychological warfare, – said the journalist. “Change in mentality– that's all Hamas has. Even though he exports terrorism, he is actually trapped.

When asked if Hamas thinks it can force Israel to agree to another deal that would release thousands of terrorists, like the deal with Gilad Shalit, Yehezkeli replied that “the Israeli population, defense system and leadership have sobered up after this story.” We all see the terror that occurred as a result of the release of all the terrorists, and we understand that this cannot happen again”.

He said the negotiations stalled because Israel would not release thousands of terrorists as hostages in Gaza. “The claims of the Goldin family that Israel has not done enough are true. There are many more things Israel can do. Israel did not try to kidnap the sons of Hamas officials.

Yehezkeli added that “Today, Hamas is the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, more so than the Palestinian Authority. It has grown and blossomed after several mistakes by Israel.

He also stated that supporting Hamas was Israel's mistake.

declared jihad, Israel supported it and even built mosques in Gaza, because they believed that Hamas would be a force opposing the Palestine Liberation Organization”,– said the journalist. “After Hamas declared jihad in 1987, we have a violent movement that does not accept our existence, and this is the success of Hamas”.

The family of the murdered IDF soldier Hadar Goldin organized a “march in Gaza. The march was held on the occasion of the fact that the bodies of Hadar Goldin and his colleague Oron Shaul have been in the hands of Hamas for 8 years already.

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