Israeli innovators in climate solutions win award

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 Israeli climate innovators win award

Israeli Experts Awarded Climate Solutions Award for their achievements in this area. Innovators have received over $2 million in the Climate Solutions Prize. The event was attended by government officials, business people, non-profit groups and climate technology innovators. The prize was given to Professor Avner Rothschild of the Technion, Professor Yitzhak Mizrahi of Ben-Gurion University, Professor Malachi Noked of Bar-Ilan University, and others. The Climate Solutions Award is divided into two distinct streams: the first — for breakthrough research – includes a grant for scientists and researchers, the second — for startups, which includes several tasks with profitable investments and cash prizes, as well as PR. Each challenge is led by different leading companies, including Capital Nature, ESIL, Kornit Digital, SolarEdge, Temasek Foundation and Merck. Rothschild is awarded for his work on producing green hydrogen as energy using split water electrolysis. Mizrahi – for research on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change using the ruminant biome. Knocked received an award for the development of sodium-ion batteries.

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