Israeli hospital to use new 5G app for 'revolutionary' treatment

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 Israeli hospital to use new 5G app for “revolutionary” treatment

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Rambam Health Care Campus will be the first Israeli hospital to start using a 5G smart network and network application for treatment at the end of the month. The medical center works with Elbit and one of its subsidiaries, Synch.

The Synch app will allow medical staff to instantly contact their colleagues in emergencies and to carry out their daily work. It will also turn any cellular device into a “walkie-talkie” and allow them to communicate in groups for collaboration. In addition, the application includes secure chat and messaging capabilities, as well as multimedia and video transmission.

The Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Communications are partly funded introduction of advanced 5G network. Pelephone will provide advanced 5G network. Rambam's IT department has integrated the hospital's electronic patient records into the system. Management and control is provided by Elbit Systems.

Hospital spokesman David Ratner believes the app should radically improve patient care, especially in emergencies. In particular, the Synch app uses floLIVE's 5G core network technology. Among its features – push-to-talk, voice recognition and keyword detection. In addition, the program can discover and allocate resources based on emergency keywords used in communication between ambulance teams.

“Many people don’t know this, but 5G networks allow you to redirect the band to specific users or areas according to need,” – explained Guy Halamish, product manager for Synch. “This ensures that key parties will have access to the network even when resources are limited”.

He cites the example of a stampede on Mount Meron in 2021, when there were dozens of victims. The networks collapsed as tens of thousands of visitors tried to evacuate or contact their loved ones.

“Everyone there tried to use the networks needed by the rescuers. With this new system, it could be turned on”, – Halamish explained.

The app will improve collaboration among medical staff, which is often a challenge in hospitals, especially in critical situations. In addition, with a simple scan of a barcode, employees can communicate with each other and gain quick access to patient data and medical records through their electronic patient records.

high level” because it is a “military grade” system. He explained that Synch was originally a division of Elbit and only recently spun off to commercialize this 5G technology to the civilian population. he emphasized. “The system is absolutely safe”.

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