Israeli headed the largest center for nuclear research

Israeli headed the largest nuclear research center

Eliezer Rabinovich, a professor at the Hebrew University, was elected head of the Council of CERN (CERN) – one of the largest organizations that deals with nuclear research.

The professor was Israeli representative at the European Center for Nuclear Research for many years. It is worth noting that Israel is the only non-European member state of this organization. It was largely thanks to the work of Eliezer Rabinovich that Israel was able to join CERN.

“It is my greatest honor to lead CERN in the years that will be decisive for the organization and the international scientific community. I look forward to working with all nations. – members to strengthen CERN in order, I hope, to give new explanations of what our world is made of, '' said the professor.

Eliezer Rabinovich will be in his new position for three years.
< br /> “The election of Professor Eliezer Rabinovich is another victory for the policy of new ties and a testament to the great appreciation that Israel deserves. Once again, it has been proven that great success can be achieved through positive and accurate work,” said the Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid.

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