Israeli Google Cloud Chips in final design stage

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 Israeli Google Cloud Chips in final design stage

Google is following in the footsteps of Amazon and Apple. According to a report from tech publication The Information, the company is at a very advanced stage in the development of the microchip that will power its server farms.

Google is reported to have passed a critical milestone in the development of two series of processors that will power its servers. and help it get rid of its dependence on processors from other companies such as Intel and AMD.

Google seems to have reached the final design stage before sending the microchip to production. At least the company is in the initial stages pilot production.

These processors will need to provide redundancy to each other in the event of a failure. Both are based on the architecture of ARM, a British company owned by Softbank that competes with Intel.

According to The Information, the first processor codenamed Maple, is based on a design commissioned by Marvell Technology (which also has an Israeli design center).Design was sent to Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC for production testing.

The second processor, Cypress, is being developed exclusively in Israel and is due to be shipped to TSMC in the second quarter of this year. Two processors are expected to be installed on Google servers starting from 2025.

Note that Uri Frank, Israel's vice president of engineering, formerly a senior manager at Intel, is overseeing the international operations of Google's new microchip division.

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