Israeli football coach died defending Ukraine

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 Israeli football coach died defending Ukraine

Israeli football coach died in the war in Ukraine from the bullets of Russian soldiers.

The deceased Dmitry Fialka once repatriated to Israel, served in the Nahal brigade. and went through the Second Lebanon War. Then he became the coach of the Maccabi children's football club. in Beersheba, where his mother and sister now live.

A few years ago, Violet returned to his native Lvov, where he met a girl who eventually became his wife. They had children. Dmitry got a job as a coach for a children's football team. After the Russian invasion, he was one of the first to go to defend Ukraine from the enemy.

The hero's death was announced at the Dynamo Lvov football club, where the deceased had once worked.

"Dmitry Bogdanovich was one of the first who went to defend our state (Ukraine – ed.) with weapons in his hands after the attack of the Russian invaders. The last place of work of Dmitry Fialka was the Lviv Youth Sports School. However, when he made a choice regarding the defense of his country, the football coach went to the front line without hesitation. Bright Memory and Glory to the Hero! Thank you for everything and share the irreparable loss with family and friends. Sincere condolences…You fought for our world, friend, so let your soul rest in peace…",– said in the message.

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