Israeli expert helps Sardinia fight locusts

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 Israeli expert helped Sardinia fight locusts

The Ministry of Agriculture on Sunday, July 3, announced that an Israeli locust expert had made a surprise visit to Sardinia to help the island fight the insect infestation.

This was reported by the Times of Israel.

The delegation headed by Dr. Yoav Motro was sent at the request of the Sardinian authorities. Experts gave advice to Italians on how to deal with the locust infestation.

According to Motro, the outbreak on the island is “moderate”, and his recommendations include advice on the use of pesticides against locusts, as well as on the use of tracking technologies.

“Israel and Sardinia are among the few developed countries with a locust problem. The combination of technology and science is helping to fight this ancient pest,” said the doctor.

Agriculture Minister Oded Forer said Israel is the world leader in locust control and noted for its role in helping other countries.

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