Israeli doctor contracted monkeypox while examining a patient

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 An Israeli doctor contracted monkeypox while examining a patient

Medical staff testing for monkeypox at Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital requested access to an antiviral vaccine from the Ministry of Health after a doctor became infected while working on a sample earlier in the week, reports say. Israeli media.

The doctor was wearing a full protective suit while testing patients and, according to an epidemiological investigation, was likely exposed to the virus while taking off his gloves.

Dr. Roy Zucker, Specialist in Infectious Diseases and head of LGBTQ medicine at the Clalit Health Foundation, said medical personnel should be immunized against monkeypox.

Doctors testing for monkeypox come into close contact with potentially infected and patients. However, by order of the Ministry of Health, the highest priority for vaccination should be given to men who have the HIV virus or other sexually transmitted diseases, as well as those who have sex with other men, i.e. groups most at risk of contracting the virus.

The Ministry of Health is considering expanding the availability of vaccinations following a call from doctors.

According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Health, since the outbreak began in May, the virus has been spreading in Israel was diagnosed in 160 people, and the World Health Organization has reported more than 25,800 confirmed cases in 70 non-endemic countries.

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