Israeli crashes McLaren in Dubai, cannot leave UAE

Israeli crashed McLaren in Dubai, cannot leave the UAE

According to Israeli media reports, a 20-year-old Israeli citizen cannot leave Dubai after having an accident in the Emirates.

Upon arrival in Dubai, the Israeli rented a McLaren sports car capable of speeds up to 450 km/h. The rent cost 2 thousand shekels a day. An hour later, he crashed a car on a highway in Dubai.

The car rental company is demanding damages in the amount of 50 thousand dollars from him. Until this amount is paid, he cannot return to Israel. His family is now busy collecting money.

Israeli guide in Dubai Melanie Suan says: “ Unfortunately, many Israelis go completely crazy, drive luxury cars without understanding their structure, some even get behind the wheel drunk. ”

In Dubai, road safety is taken very seriously, the entire highway network is covered with surveillance cameras. Israelis are not used to this and receive huge speeding fines. Some get into accidents and have to pay very large compensation. Last year, an Israeli paid $ 100,000 for a wrecked car.

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