Israeli company suspected of cyberattacks on journalists

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 Israeli company suspected of cyber attacks on journalists

Cyber ​​security company Avast announced the discovery of a vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser, which was used for cyber attacks against journalists in the Middle East. Most of the attacks took place in Lebanon. Cases have also been reported in Yemen, Turkey and the Palestinian territories.

Avast suggests that the Israeli company Candiru may be behind the attacks, reports the Jerusalem Post.

“Based on malware and the TTP used to carry out the attack, we can safely attribute it to a covert, multi-named spyware vendor best known as Candiru,” Avast said in a statement.

Candiru, also known as SAITO Tech, is an Israeli technology company that engages in cyber espionage, including for government clients. The US government has blacklisted the company. for her behavior, which allegedly harmed national security.

“The reason journalists are being persecuted is to spy on them and the stories they work on, or to get to their sources and collect compromising information and confidential data that they shared with the press,” Avast said.

At the same time, the motives of the Israeli company remain unknown.

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