Israeli companies illegally supply missiles to China

Israeli companies illegally supplied missiles to China

Three Israeli companies and 10 people are suspected of illegally exporting cruise missiles to China. The Jerusalem Post reports that the export was carried out without special permission.

The State Attorney's Office of the Economics Department has informed the suspects that they will be charged with security offenses under the Defense Export Control Act and others. .

Efraim Menashe, the owner of Solar Sky, which also produces cruise missiles, was named among the suspects in the illegal supply of missiles. Menashe signed a deal with a Chinese company that took part in a tender for the supply of missile weapons.

The deal was arranged through the mediation of the owners of the consulting firm Zion Gazita and Uri Shahar. Their company advises and mediates between foreign investors and Israeli tech companies.

Menashe also hired Tsviku and Ziv Naveh, owners of Innocon, which makes unmanned aerial vehicles for reconnaissance purposes.

The suspects have made dozens of cruise missiles and conducted a series of tests with them in Israel, which endangered the lives of people. The weapons were secretly transferred to China, and Menashe received millions of dollars in return.

These weapons were reportedly not used by China.

In February, more than 20 Israelis were interrogated by the Shabak and the Israeli police on suspicion of having developed, produced and sold illegal weapons to the country in Asia.

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