Israeli cinema conquers Europe

Israeli cinema conquers Europe

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Israeli painting & ldquo; Knee & rdquo; will compete among 53 feature films for the prize and the title of the best film of the European Film Academy, also known as the European Oscar. Along with & ldquo; Knee & rdquo; another Israeli film – & ldquo; Here We Are & rdquo; Nira Bergman. In the category of documentaries, the tape is & ldquo; The first 54 years. A Quick Guide to Military Occupation & rdquo; Avi Mughrabi is the only Israeli film on the list.

The Knee, which won a jury prize at the most recent Cannes Film Festival, is one of 13 Cannes and Venice Film Festival favorites to be added to the updated nominees list, which also includes Titan. Julia Dokorno, winner of the & ldquo; Palm Branch & rdquo; and & ldquo; Event & rdquo; Audrey Divan, who recently won the Golden Lion Award in Venice.

Although the drama & ldquo; Here We Are & rdquo; was included in the Cannes Film List last year and was nominated for the 2020 Ophir Award for Best Picture (Bergman received a Director's Award), she is included in this list, like many cinematic achievements of the past year, including the “ 200th meter '' ; Amina Naipy (starring Ali Suleiman, native of Israel), who represented Jordan at the Oscars, and “ My Beloved Gaza '' brothers Tarzan and Arab Nasser (starring Salim Dao, Hayam Abbas and Maisa Abd al-Hadi who were born in Israel), who represented Palestine.

All of these works enter the European competition through co-production with support organizations from the continent. & ldquo; Knee & rdquo; is a joint production of Israel, Germany and France, and the painting & ldquo; Here We Are & rdquo; created in Israeli-Italian cooperation. In the case of tape & ldquo; First 54 years. A Brief Guide to the Military Occupation '', which is a collection of stories of IDF fighters, funding came mainly from France, Finland and Germany. Note that the films of Mughrabi and Lapid will be shown next week at the prestigious New York Film Festival.

In the coming weeks, 4,000 participants of the European Academy will watch program films.

Finalists of the competition The European Academy Awards, which will take place on December 11 in Berlin, will be announced on November 9.

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