Israeli chef Eyal Shani wins first Michelin star

News » Life Style Israeli chef Eyal Shani wins first Michelin star

Famous Israeli chef Eyal Shani, who runs 40 restaurants around the world, opened the latest addition last May to his group of restaurants in New York – a restaurant aptly named Shmoné, located on West Eighth Street. The restaurant offers a new menu every day, with which for the first time in Shani got into the Michelin guide. According to a prestigious guide, “This is a small, elegant space with dazzling neo-Levantine cuisine.”

says the chef for whom Shmoné “a very private place”.
Like all Shani restaurants, Shmoné an open kitchen that allows diners to watch the “choreography of the food”

“I won't cook without the exact address”, – says the boss. “I will cook for you when I see you. I cook for your eyes”.
Local produce and fresh ingredients from the farm also play a key role in the establishment's success.

At the same time, Shani says he feels compelled to upend residents' culinary expectations New York.

“When walls are built around me, it tempts me to break them down”– he confesses. “This is my nature”.

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