Israeli celebrity insulted: you finally lost your virginity

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 Israeli celebrity was insulted: you finally lost your virginity

Pastry chef and former Big Brother contestant Or Spitz has been chosen for the new campaign of Victoria's Secrets lingerie brand and received a scathing comment from a married man

Spitz was selected along with a celebrity team to advertise fashion brand "Victoria's Secrets" in Israel. Spitz claims that in the contract with the company she set a condition that she would not agree to be photographed in her underwear. Despite this, after the story in which Spitz was photographed in the brand's pajamas, she received an insulting response from a married man with children.

Spitz decided to share the ugly response received with her followers and decided not to hide the identity of a married man , who wrote to her: “Finally, you lost your virginity.” Spitz replied: “The Victoria Secrets campaign gave me the opportunity to present femininity in a way that was not too revealing for me.”

“A condition in the contract was that I was not photographed in underwear or anything that would make me feel overly naked, out of respect for my family. But today I received a response from a married man, the father of children – it shocked me. In some part of my video – I'm in pajamas and he allows himself to write this? “, Spitz is indignant.

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