Israeli billionaire Beni Steinmetz freed in Greece

Israeli billionaire Beni Steinmetz was released in Greece

In Athens, they released after the arrest of Israeli businessman Beni Steinmetz & ndash; the head of Beny Steinmetz Group Resources.

According to a source in court, he was conditionally released.

Last year, the tycoon was detained on the basis of an international warrant. A Swiss court sentenced the 65-year-old billionaire diamond tycoon to five years in prison and a fine of CHF 50 million “for bribing government officials to gain access to mining rights in Guinea.”

Until then, he had been convicted in Romania for the creation of an “organized criminal group.” The arrest warrant for Steinmetz was issued by Bucharest. As a result, he was detained on November 24, when he flew from Israel to Greece on a private plane.

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