Israeli beaten in clash with Palestinians at shrine near Jerusalem

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 Israeli man beaten in clash with Palestinians at shrine near Jerusalem

August 26, 2022, a group with Palestinian flags attacked a man with an Israeli flag near Nebi Samuel on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Friday afternoon clash at a historic site and temple on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

According to the news website Ynet, the fight broke out in Nebi Samuel after a number of right-wing activists held a counter-protest against Palestinians and left-wing activists who were protesting the closure of the entrance to the nearby town of Nabi Samuel.

Nebi Samuel — this is a place that Jews value as the tomb of the biblical prophet Samuel. In the 18th century, a mosque was built on the site of the ruins of the Crusader church. park, just beyond the green line in the West Bank, north of the capital.

At one point, several men with Palestinian flags attacked two men with Israeli flags, pushing one of them to the ground, kicking him and kicking him several times with flags, the footage showed.

He was slightly injured, but refused medical attention and did not want to file a complaint.

Israeli soldiers and border police officers tried to separate the parties.

Police said officers had arrested five suspects in connection with the alleged attack .

Law enforcement officials said officers should have arrested more people allegedly involved in the violent incident.

Nabi municipal leader Samwil Amir Obaid told the Ynet news site that for the sixth consecutive week, residents have been demonstrating against the closure the main entrance to the city.

“We are tired of this situation, which has existed for more than ten years, since the construction of the dividing fence. We ask that the gate be opened to prevent suffocation, in which we live", — he said.

Obeid said that the “settlers” stole a flag from one of the demonstrators and came with Israeli flags as an “act of agitation and anger at us”.

“For the first time our demonstration turned into violence, we are against violence and for peace, but when a small a group of settlers are chasing us, that's what's going on”, — he told the news site.

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