Israeli authority hides in a villa in Morocco and offers millions to Bedouins

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 Israeli authority hides in villa in Morocco and offers millions to Bedouins< /p>

One of the main crime bosses in Israel, Shalom Domrani rented a fortified villa in Casablanca, where he moved with his son and surrounded himself with security.

His main goal is to quietly close the story of the murder of a Bedouin guard. However, the Bedouin family who believe him guilty are not forgetting and are not going to forgive, according to police intelligence.

Sources familiar with the criminal world say that huge sums of millions of shekels were allegedly offered by representatives Domrani and the criminals Ofir and Amos Lavi as compensation for the death of Majed al-Assad, who was a guard in the house of Domrani's nemesis, Benny Shlomo. Assad was gunned down outside Shlomo's estate in the moshav Khalets last July.

“The Bedouins make it clear that they are not interested in financial compensation, but only blood feuds. They clearly hold Domarni and Levy responsible for the death of their friend and tribe member. Had the guard been killed by another Bedouin due to a family conflict, it could still have ended in financial compensation and forgiveness. But since this is a conflict between criminals and he was killed by Jews, the scenario is different,” explains a source involved in the details.

son and surrounded her with security – when he and his son were most of the time without the Internet and a cell phone.

Domarni, as well as criminals from the Lavia family, received warnings from the police, according to which, according to operational information, they are “candidates for liquidation”. This means that the relatives of the Bedouin guard want to avenge the murder of their friend and family member, and hold Domerani and the Beit Lavi brothers responsible for the death of the guard.

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